About Lisa

I grew up in Virginia and every summer I was lucky enough to sail around the Chesapeake Bay with my family (my parents worked for the school system). We would swim, collect shells, dig for clams and catch blue crabs – which all gave me an appreciation for nature. Many years later, now living in the historic city of Fredericksburg, VA, I started making jewelry as a hobby with my youngest daughter. Along the way, I rediscovered my connection with those natural elements and found myself preferring to work with genuine gemstones and pearls. Later on, silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) came into the mix and that changed everything for me. Initially curious about this new material, in 2005 I took a beginner’s PMC class in Old Town Alexandria. That same year I received a kiln as a gift and, after working up the courage to use it, I have been firing away ever since! In February of 2008, I passed the certification exam at the end of an intensive, three day course taught by renowned PMC “guru” Tim McCreight. I have maintained my certification as a Rio Grande Certified PMC Instructor and am a member of the National PMC Guild. Although I do not currently teach PMC classes, the techniques and experiences I gained from those classes are priceless. I have also moved on to incorporate leather, linen, silk and other natural elements with my silver, gemstones and pearls. I truly enjoy creating beautiful, meaningful pieces of jewelry and sharing them with the wonderful people I have met at the many art shows in and around Virginia. Hope to see you at one soon!